Our weekly auction is held on Fridays at 11:00 a.m. in Cameron. We begin receiving cattle on Thursdays at 8:00 a.m., but if you need a different time frame, give us a call and we can make arrangements. For your convenience, we also have an additional receiving station in Troy, Texas where you can drop cattle and we’ll transport them to Cameron for the sale. When your cattle arrive, we will tag them for identification and fill out some brief paperwork with your contact information. After your cattle are sold, you can either pick up your check at the office or we’ll be glad to mail it to you.

During our weekly sale, most livestock are sold individually and on a per pound basis. However, cows that have babies are most often sold as pairs. Also, replacement cattle are sold by the head, and may be sold in group lots when one seller has a matching set of cattle.

We also offer Special Sales at varying times throughout the year that will run in conjunction with our normal sale on Friday. These Special Sales will often offer consignment cattle in larger groups and are a great way to acquire quality, replacement females. Follow us on Facebook for upcoming events!

In addition to our standard services related to the auction, we also offer cattle hauling, penning, branding, worming and veterinary services for a fee. Contact us for rates and more information.

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Milam County Livestock Auction, LLC

OWNED BY: Kenny Mingus & Danny McGee

OPERATED BY: Kenny Mingus - (254) 482-1170

SALE BARN - (254) 697-6697

2605 Auction Barn Street, Cameron, TX 76520

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