Milam County Livestock Auction | Cameron, TX | Friday,11/16/18

Headcount: 11/16/18: 2241
Previous Headcount 11/9/18: 2173

MCLA will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday. We hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and we hope to see you at our next sale on Friday, 11/30, sale starts at noon.

Be sure to watch our Facebook page for upcoming events here at MCLA.


We are happy to mail your “seller checks” and we do so on Saturdays at 12:00 pm/noon. This gives our customers a chance to pick up their checks late on Friday or early on Saturday. Please know that Cameron mail has to be dropped off by 10:00 am on Saturday to go out the same day. This being said, “seller checks” that go in the mail on Saturdays do not leave Cameron until Monday. Thank you for your business and understanding!

KITCHEN hours have been extended to align with our sale! Call Scott direct at 254-760-2344, if the sale is still going, the kitchen will be open!

UNDER 300 lbs $155.00-$192.50
300-400 lbs $140.00-$207.50
400-500 lbs $128.00-$205.00
OVER 500 lbs $57.00-$169.00
UNDER 300 lbs $144.00-$180.00
300-400 lbs $129.00-$220.00
400-500 lbs $117.00-$220.00
OVER 500 lbs $50.00-$155.00
High Yielding Cows $40.00-$49.00
Medium Yielding Cows $34.00-$39.00
Low Yielding Cows $10.00-$33.00
Bulls $35.00-$77.00
Young Pairs $950.00-$1400.00
Middle Aged & Older Pairs $475.00-$900.00
Young Palpated Females $900.00-$1175.00
Middle Aged & Older Palpated Females $350.00-$850.00